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Sangiovese is a red Italian wine grape variety that derives its name from the Latin Sanguis Jovis, "the blood of Jupiter". Early theories on the origin of Sangiovese dated the grape to the time of Roman winemaking. It was even postulated that the grape was first cultivated in Tuscany by the Etruscans from wild Vitis vinifera vines. The literal translation of the grape's name, the "blood of Jupiter", refers to the Roman God Jupiter. According to legend, the name was coined by monks from the area of Santarcangelo in Romagna, Emilia-Romagna region of East-Central Italy. So spreading from Emilia Romagna, Sangiovese...

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Albana di Romagna was the first of the area’s white wines to receive its DOCG classification in 1987. The DOCG covers four styles of Albana di Romagna: secco, amabile, dolce and passito.    At our Divinalux Winery we produce fine examples of Albana Secco and Albana Passito. A very interesting and challenging grape variety that can be sculpted to give different styles. The wines obtained from this grape variety are characterised with amber colour, abundance of peach and yellow flower aromas. The wines are full-bodied wines with peach, quince and almond notes, creamy and nutty with an expressive acidity.      ...

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Trebbiano is one of the most widely planted varieties of grape in the world. It gives good yields and can be fresh and fruity. Trebbiano really reflects the terroir and the skills of its winemaker. At Divinalux we create a magical Trebbiano Wine, which is really different from any other Trebbiano you have ever tried. It's aromatic, soft, elegant, light, fresh and really romantic Wine. Try Divinalux vertical collection of Trebbiano Wines, to experience the most amazing Trebbiano. Its high acidity alows it to age very elegantly and makes it important in Cognac and Armagnac productions. Trebbiano is also known as Ugni...

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