Divinalux Winery is located at the heart of one of the most beautiful protected parks in Italy

Divinalux Vineyards, spreading over seven hectares are benefiting from a very intense and versatile geological conditions. Mountains of Gypsum Crystals are hugging the valley from the East through the South and all the way to the West. From a huge cave on the South East fringe emerges the famous Rio Basino, a small all year round river, which runs all the way to the North, enriched with many caves, wild animals and many rear plant species.  From the West to the North, gullies of pure grey clay are quietly observing  the valley....


The geology of the Vineyards Valley is a bland between the gypsum crystals and pure grey clay. All the 7 Hectares are patched with different combinations of those 2 main geological formations. The strips, which are directly surrounded by the forest, have darker soil, the strips around the lake are more hydrated, while the strips around the gullies are cracking from dryness... going down to the north, pure clay, transforms again into a darker soil being fed by the river.  In between those extremes a wide range of geological conditions are characterising the vineyards.

Richness of the terroir

The richness of the territory comes through in the intensity and character of Divinalux Wines. Every year we have to treat differently every single patch of our vineyards, depending on the weather and the performance in the previous season. The patches,which can be as small as few plants, we will give love and attention to each single one of them.

Clay Hills

Besides the exciting geology, Divinalux Vineyard is gifted with the concentration of positive and protective energy created by the Hugging mountains around it. "Hugging Mountains" / "The Armchair" / "The mouth of a Dragon", are all different definitions for the same condition of mountains surrounding a valley. These definitions are coming from Feng Shui, Native Indians, Kabala and other ancient wisdoms, all agreeing on the fact that sites surrounded by mountains are protected and charged with their positive energy

Hagging mountains

The Gypsum Crystals are illuminating an essential, divine light, charging the grapes and consequently the wine with divine light and love. We perform ceremonies of gratitude and illumination in our vineyards and with each of our wines, making sure that each single DIVINALUX wine brings love, light and illumination to the world

crystal power