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"Labels Sky" is a collection of 4 types of DIVINALUX wines, offered to you to enhance any meal from start to dessert:

1. HILLA, Rubicone I.G.T. Trebbiano 2015 - 1 bottle

Elegant, aromatic, fruity, dry white wine, which simply vanishes from the glass! Ideal for parties, aperitif it is a great wine to begin any meal, 

2. DAR, Romagna D.O.C.G. Albana Secco 2015 - 1 bottle

Structured, aromatic, creamy dry white wine, which is great with any type of first courses, it is a great wine to proceed with the meal.

3. VICTORES, Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore 2014 - 1 bottle

Fruity, tannic with refreshing acidity it is a soft drinking dry red wine, it goes well with any type of main course. (must be decanted 2 hours before the meal)

4. LILIA, Romagna D.O.C.G. Albana Passito 2015 - 1 bottle

Not too sweet, complex, intense wine is a simphony of all pleasures. This wine is a great way to finish the meal, can be matched with some elegant dessert or even served on its own, to envelope the mouth with desires and fantasy.

Those 4 Wines are charged with the energies of the SKY, blessed in spiritual ceremonies with love and light, whcih you absorb while enjoying your wine.