About us

Divinalux is a family boutique winery located in the Regional Park Vena del Gesso in Italy. This extraordinary strip of amazing Chalk Crystals (Lapis Specularis) is stretching between Toscana and Romagna on altitudes between 250 - 500m. We are producing high quality, Organic wines with distinct regional character from Trebbiano, Albana and Sangiovese varieties, which were always considered to be of the best quality in our geological conditions of gypsum crystals and clay vineyards.

Our four types of wines produced from these three varieties, extract the best properties of the grapes, expressing the rich and unique terroir. Our annual production is limited to the total of 25,000 bottles a year, as we are choosing carefully each single grape that goes in our wine.

Through the entire process from the grapes cultivation to the production of wine, we are challenging alternative ways of working, which allow us to maintain a harmony with the surrounding nature, while producing unique, high quality, organic product.

DIVINALUX HOLISTIC WINERY AND FARMSTAY is an ideological project created to help people to shine, fulfill their destiny and be happy.

Divinalux winery has the story for the future, the future of families, the future of children, the future of our amazing planet. We invite You to become part of this future and enjoy DIVINALUX WINES.