Divinalux ancestors

Wine has been running in our blood since generations. My Great Grandparents were great winemakers and wine merchants in the Caucasus Mountains. Escaping from a violent invasion of the region, they left everything behind, besides the long kept secrets of wine making, which since have passed from generation to generation seeking to be realized once again in a great wine.

After being forced to abandon our land, all the members of our family went to study to become engineers. Following the ways of my family I became an architect. But something was wrong, something was missing. I had a strong call from Nature to come back to land, a call which I had to follow. And here I am, back in the arms of Nature with the secret book of Winemaking, that was passed on to me.

After coming across the photo of my Great grandparents and finding incredible similarities between myself and my Great Grandmother I understood that it is a real story of reincarnation. I carry my love, passion, knowledge and expertise of wine making from the Caucasus mountains all the way to Italy, to create an excellent, unique, timeless wine filled with love and light.