HILLA, Trebbiano vertical collection

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Gift this amazing vertical collection of Trebbiano 2014, 2015 & 2016 to anyone who loves it smooth, elegant, aromatic and sexy and get a Farm Products Gift from us plus free Shipping within EU


Trebbiano is a great Gift for a romantic dinner or for a party. It can be matched with party food, light starters and all fish plates. You will notice a strong similar and distinctive properties of each vintage, as it is influenced by weather and aging period in the bottle.

1. HILLA, Rubicone I.G.T. Trebbiano 2014 - 1 bottle 

(only 933 bottles remaining)

2014 Vintage was blessed with lots water, which allowed Trebbiano to express its full potential. The grapes were full and compact and the acidity was well preserved. This wine was aged for 9 months in Inox tanks. It has been resting in the bottle since June 2015, so it had plenty of time to harmonise and evolve in a very interesting way. This is an Elegant, aromatic, fruity, white wine.

2. HILLA, Rubicone I.G.T. Trebbiano 2015 - 1 bottle

2015 Vintage was blessed with sun and just enough water, which resulted in a great harvest in second week of September. The patches that got more sun exposure added aromas and structure, while the patches that benefited from more water maintained good acidity. Blending the various patches resulted in an intense, aromatic, elegant, wine with notes of pompelmo, ananas and great minirality. The wine is resting in the bottles since June 2016, so all various aspects are now blended in harmony. 

3. HILLA, Rubicone I.G.T. Trebbiano 2016 - 1 bottle 

2016 Vintage was blessed with lots of Sun and very little rain. We therefore harvested Trebbiano in the end of August, which is 3 weeks before the harvest of 2015. The harvest took place during the night, in order to keep the grapes at low temperatures, preserving the so important aromas. The wine aged for 9 month in Inox tanks and was bottled in July 2017. That is a young, elegant, aromatic, fruity, dry white wine with refreshing acidity and good minerality.