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This collection contains amazing NEW wines, which were bottled 4 month ago and are officially released on the market this Christmas with this special offer.

This collection of 4 types of DIVINALUX wines includes 2 types of dry white wine and 2 types of red wine. This collection is a great match to your Christmas Meal:

1. HILLA, Rubicone I.G.T. Trebbiano 2016 - 1 bottle 

Elegant, aromatic, fruity, dry white wine, which simply vanishes from the glass! Ideal for parties, aperitif it is a great wine to begin any meal, 

2. DAR, Romagna D.O.C.G. Albana Secco 2016 - 1 bottle

Structured, aromatic, creamy dry white wine, which is great with any type of first courses, it is a great wine to proceed with the meal.

3. VICTORES, Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore 2015 - 1 bottle

Strong, intense, persistant, full body, but at the same time creamy, fruity and fresh, it is a wine that requires a great steak, or a nice spicy dish, it goes well with any type of good main course. (must be decanted 2 hours before the meal)

4. VICTORES, Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore 2016 - 1 bottle

In this wine, we let you experience the real character of Sangiovese Wine. That wine was aged in Inox Tanks to preserve all its fresh, fruity properties without influence of wood barrels. It is young Sangiovese, strong, intense, persistant, full body, but at the same time fruity with refreshing acidity. This red wine can go with any vegetable dish, white meat and a great plate of cheese. (must be decanted 2 hours before the meal)

Those 4 Wines are charged with the energies of FLOWERS, blessed in spiritual ceremonies with love and light, whcih you absorb while enjoying your wine.